About Me

When my friends and I were traveling in Colombia in 2014 and couldn’t seem to find answers to simple questions on Trip Advisor, travel blogs, anywhere – I realized that I needed to create my own travel blog. Already an avid Trip Advisor user, I vowed to make finding these answers easier for other travelers.

I love taking notes on my trips. I love documenting the places visited, the meals eaten, the problems (and solutions) encountered. I love sharing my travels with friends and strangers, hoping to impart some sort of travel wisdom or hack that will make future trips better. And I love learning about new destinations, better ways to travel, and more travel hacks so I am hoping to encounter fellow travelers through this site.

Follow me on Instagram @trainsplanesvino for more of my travel photos!

p.s. The name of this site goes back to a 2012 trip hashtag via my friend Angie. While it was specifically focused on a trip around Italy, it seems appropriate for nearly all of my travels (though sometimes a bus, crappy van, or weird rental car is our only mode of transport).

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