2016 – always resolving to travel

This time of year, the middle of January, the middle of winter…well, it always seems to find me wanting to plan a big trip for later in the year. I look out six months into the year and, aside from a few key warm-weather getaways in February and maybe a wedding weekend, my travel schedule looks so clear. I’ve also found myself recently talking about travel with a variety of people (coworkers, Uber drivers) and thinking about favorite places visited and destinations yet to see.

So what does 2016 have in store?  My travel right now is all clustered around the first few months of the year though I know my summer travel planning will begin very soon (!) and then suddenly I will find myself in September and ready to plan yet another trip.

January: Austin, Detroit*

February: Cancun, Costa Rica

March: Miami, Portland (?)

June/July: TBD amazing trip, Chicago

*Work trips generally bring me to Detroit on the regular, but this visit was notable for being the first of the year and for likely being the longest.



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