Self Care Sabbatical: The Halfway Point

I am officially “halfway” through my Self Care Sabbatical. On Sunday, I flew back from Europe for a few days in New York (and it’s not a coincidence that I came back right before Election Day). After I sort myself out this week, I am on my way to Asia for 3.5 months.

I was really anxious about coming back to the US, to New York. Two weeks ago, I was dreading it. Part of it was that I wasn’t quite ready for my time in Europe to end. The other part was that sense of returning to the real world that I had escaped in August. Feeling like this trip was moving so quickly and that it would be over in just a few more months. I wasn’t looking forward to seeing many people in New York. To talking endlessly about my travels with people. I just want to get my stuff together and go on my way.


But after 5 days in London, I felt more ready to come back. My time in London was the perfect way to reset before returning to the US. I saw friends from back home, I was back to speaking English all the time, and I was navigating a big city again. It felt like a bit of closure on an incredible 3 months in Europe and I started to get excited about the next phase of my trip.

More than anything, I’ve had to keep reminding myself that this trip is for me. That when I come back early next year, I don’t have to have all of the answers. To know exactly what I am “doing with my life”. I don’t need to have any major revelations or epiphanies during the next few months or suddenly know what I will do when I return. It’s okay if I don’t have all of it figured out because the point of this trip is that I am taking this time away for myself, to explore the world and have awesome experiences. And whatever happens after this trip is over will happen as it should…

Instead of focusing on the end result, I am remembering to stay present and enjoy the journey. I feel incredibly fortunate to be traveling like this right now. And maybe this doesn’t have to be the midpoint…


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