Two Weeks

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I am now two weeks into my travels and it feels like time is passing so slowly while also feeling as though the days are moving too quickly! I have at this point fully adjusted to being in Europe and not looking back to New York (though one can never really escape New York City, it’s everywhere!), but it still feels a little surreal that I am here just traveling… It also seems to surprise most people I meet as they all assume my trip in Europe must be coming to an end soon (and are surprised when I reveal that I am staying until they make me leave).


I have these moments where I think that I should have planned my trip differently, lingered longer in some places than others, but in the end, I am happy with what I have seen and experienced to date. I’ve given myself flexibility later in my trip and, as I spend just a few days in Colmar, France, I am glad of it. I left the last four weeks in Europe flexible because I wasn’t sure what I would want to do by the time October rolled around. My initial thought was to travel to Germany, spend some time in Berlin (a favorite city) and visit some other cities like Munich which I have not yet visited. However, after three days in France, I am thinking about just staying put here. Lingering. Eating. Just hanging out.

Enjoying a beer in Antwerp despite the heat

So far my favorite part of my trip has been the moments where I can just be – I don’t feel like I need to be doing something or going somewhere. With all of the movement of travel, sometimes staying put feels really nice.

I haven’t had a lot of plans for this trip either, aside from specific bookings in each city. It has been quite nice to just do whatever I want, when I please. To just sit in a park for 3 hours reading (check), spend 2 hours in a museum (check), or rent a bike and ride around in cornfields to the next town for some wine tastings (check). It is probably one of my favorite parts of solo traveling, the ability to do whatever you choose at the moment and not worry about agreeing on plans with a fellow traveler.


But there are, of course, moments where I get a bit lonely and miss having those travel friends around. Going out for meal upon meal alone gets really boring, even for someone who likes food as much as I do! I’ve been happy to have an apartment for the past few days where I can cook my own food – saving money but also being a bit healthier (a bit, since I couldn’t not buy some cheese) and not having to dine out alone. In fact, it inspired me to book another apartment/hotel where I can have a kitchenette and make my own meals in an upcoming city. And this will be after I visit Lyon where I intend to eat quite a lot 🙂

What do you like most about traveling alone? And what do you like least?

My initial feelings about riding a bike in Amsterdam!



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